Proven management tools & industry knowledge

Our Training Philosophy

We believe in the value of tried and proven management tools and industrial knowledge from developed markets. We live in the challenges of emerging companies and developing markets. We believe in delivering relevant training adapted for the realities of fast-growing companies and economies.

Our primary methods of instruction are: seminar, workshops and simulations. We manage class sizes to optimize the facilitation of group discussion and participation. We incorporate an action planning component in all our courses, to encourage the adoption and usage of the knowledge back in the working environment.

As part of ensuring the relevance and effectiveness of the course content, our courses will always address cross functional issues and/or put into context the knowledge and tools in the larger context of the organization as a whole.

To track longer term organizational development and learning, we also offer capability building assessments and programs.

Type of Programs That We Offer

Signature Programs

Our signature programs are five-day courses that integrate cross-functional topics. We emphasize on learning through experience, discussion and reflection. Our small class sizes, with 15 or less participants, allow for more direct interaction with the trainer.

Ready-to-Go Courses

The ready-to-go course is the typical one to three days seminar focused on one or two key functions or selected skills.

Custom Programs

We can also customize our programs to cater to the requirements of individual companies. The tailor-made in-house training can be conducted either at our facilities or off-site.
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Our retreats include week-long and weekend courses designed to minimize work distraction and encourage focus. Retreats are conducted either in the heart of the city of choice or a gateway location away from office distraction.
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