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The Story behind Metamorphic Training

The Story behind Metamorphic Training

About a year ago, we started our management training business. The vision for Metamorphic Training was to empower businesses with the tools to take their business performance and growth to the next level.

Our mission was simple: to bring proven first-world management methods and adapt them for emerging market realities.

Having served Fortune 50 clients at a top management consulting firm in the USA and coming back to running a company in South East Asia, the epiphany was that most, if not all management and operational issues faced in emerging markets were not novel ones: these challenges had tried and true solutions. As long as the people of the organization had the will and the capacity to learn, they will be equipped with the tools to take their organization to the next level.

Yet, finding the resources in upskilling the management team proved to be continuing challenge both from a content perspective and an effectiveness perspective. Content-wise, we struggled to find general management courses focused on cross-functional training, data-driven decision making, as well as effective management communication. For example, transforming a typical accounts professional with a strong accounting and reporting background into a true Finance Manager/Controller requires cultivating a new skill in implementing and executing upon managerial controls. Budgeting and planning required both quantitative insight and qualitative judgment. Courses covering these topics were not readily found in the current market.

Even where we found the right content, initial effectiveness from training did not go beyond participants placing the nice folder on their office shelf. Feedback from those courses was mediocre, and skills, even though technically covered in the sessions, were not cultivated as a practiced skill.

Upon investigation, we discovered that these were mainly due to 3 reasons:

  • That the participant did not have the hands-on opportunity to learn the skill in the session. This was a result of either the structure of course was lacking in activities or the trainer not ensuring that each individual utilized the opportunity to try the new skill during the session.
  • That the participant did not have the opportunity to hone the new skill back in their work environment. This was a result of the lack of awareness of the application of the skill back in their work environment.
  • That many participants were not incentivized to give actual feedback on the true effectiveness of the session, instead focusing on collaterals such as quality of souvenirs, food and beverages.

Thus it became our goal to provide quality management training to companies who desire impactful training for their management teams.

All that translated in a few simple principles when we started developing our Metamorphic courses:

  • That the content had to be relevant to the current economic times and skills imparted had to be proven to deliver results
  • That the trainers possess solid managerial backgrounds with cross-cultural international experiences; and a shared commitment in delivering results to participants
  • That the lesson plans incorporated a right mix of activities to introduce a skill, action-planning and reflection at the end of the course to incorporate the skill into existing work schedule, and where the training is in-house working with the HR team to ensure that the skill is imparted.

There are 3 reasons why attending a Metamorphic course will benefit your organization:

  • That the skills imparted to the participants are proven to work and is relevant to your business
  • That the participants will have the opportunity to start building their skill and knowledge in the session
  • That the action planning and reflection at the end of every session offers the participants the chance to ensure that the skill and knowledge will be utilized back in their work