Managerial Finance

The Managerial Finance Series

This series aims to equip individuals looking to increase their knowledge of financial management and key areas within a typical Financial Controller’s portfolio. Key areas covered include budgeting, cash flow management, and procurement.

  • Managerial Finance Series: Procurement Leadership Workshop: provides easy to implement ideas to improve procurement function and integrity and reduce procurement costs.
  • Managerial Finance Series: Business Technology and Managing Cyber Risks Workshop: provides an introduction to a Finance Manager needs to know about the functions of Business Technology and the risks, as well as methods to manage cyber risks.
  • Managerial Finance Series: Forecasting and Target Setting Workshop: provides an introduction of standard forecasting techniques, the psychology of setting targets is explored.

Managerial Finance Series

RESILIENCE SERIES: Essential Financial Strategies in an Economic Downturn

Making your business financially resilient in challenging circumstances

Companies need to build long-term resiliency into their business in order to weather and even thrive during times of economic iris. Equipping yourself with the necessary skills will help you develop a plan to minimize any negative impact and more importantly, help you stay financially viable.

Training Objective: This workshop will equip the participant with the ability to

  • analyze and understand the general economic and corporate cash situation
  • to understand why cash matters most
  • to understand the difference between cost and cash
  • identify cash-out and cash-in drivers
  • excuse tactics to implement cash saving measure and how to control them

Who would benefit: This workshop is designed for mid-career to senior professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs.

Upcoming dates : For more information, course outline and dates, please contact us

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