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Better decisions in challenging times

You're paid to make tough decisions

This 1-day Masterclass addresses how to avoid common decision errors in challenging situations. Having the awareness of how people operate under these situations will enable leaders to enhance their decisions and those of their teams. The cumulative impact of such improved decisions on an organization is immense.

Practical & Relevant
The ideas shared have been proven to enable organizations to outperform their competitors. This Masterclass focuses on the application of research from behavioral economics and brain science to decision making at senior levels.

Meet Sanjeev Nanavati

Sanjeev Nanavati is a seasoned and versatile CEO with over 30 years of international experience. As a business builder, Sanjeev achieved differentiation in competitive markets and developed high performing teams. He is both strategic and execution oriented, having led complex multi-product businesses and regional multicultural teams. His experience extends to branding, leadership development, sales and marketing investor relations, and crisis management.

Drawing from his extensive global experience, Sanjeev has a unique perspective in his ability to blend both Asian and Western management practices and culture. He has been based in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Mumbai and done business across all countries in Asia. He has also lived in Boston and New York and conducted businesses in the US, Europe and Latin America. He also possesses an exceptional track record of building senior relationships in business, government and with regulators.

Sanjeev is currently senior advisor to a leading management consultant firm serving clients in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and China. He is also senior advisor to a big 4 accounting firm, coaching and advising partners on transforming their personal performance, and achieved measurable results within a short period of time.

Previously, Sanjeev was the longest serving CEO of Citibank Malaysia, one of their largest worldwide markets, which employed over 6,000 people.

As a thoughtful and insightful leader, Sanjeev writes for the Business Times, Singapore on senior management issues. He is also the elected President of the American Malaysian Chamber of Commerce.

He has an MBA in Finance from the Whitman School of Business, Syracuse University in New York and a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Delhi University in India.

Feedback from previous sessions

“[The masterclass] was conducted in a very interactive, light-hearted manner yet insightful, deepening the audience’s understanding and appreciation of the top level decision making process, drawing from diversity and team-based approach.”

Kuwait Finance House, CEO

“The recommendations [made] were very practical and [Sanjeev was] able to use many examples to illustrate how they can be applied in the real business world.”

Big 4 Accounting Firm , Managing Partner

“The feedback from our senior leaders was overwhelming positive […] and your session was one of the best sessions they have ever attended.”

Media Company, Group CEO

1-day Masterclass (Max. 20)

This masterclass is ideal for C-Suite executives, senior managers, and their teams (executives with over 15 years of experience who are senior leaders within their organizations). Entrepreneurs and business owners of enterprises (>RM50M in revenue) will also benefit from the content.

What you will learn : In this peer to peer exchange, participants will get usable insights into:

  • How uncertainty and pressure affects decision making and how to recognize common cognitive mistakes and decision errors and how to mitigate them
  • How to identify the real problem and avoid solving the wrong one 
  • How to harness the power of diversity and effectively develop and execute solutions under stress and uncertainty

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